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Markeing on Moon Day | Marketing for Spiritworkers

Moon Day Marketing

Mar 22, 2021

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Moon day (Monday) is the most dynamic day of the week as there are easier to perceive variables. Beyond being a day about the moon, what phase is the moon currently in? How does that sway the energy of the day and what can you harness about this day for your audience?

What Does The Moon Represent?

The key message from the moon is reflection. That's how we see it in the sky and in the tides. The sun reflecting off our closest celestial neighbor, reflecting off the water, reflecting our balance of light and dark. Without the moon, it would be totally dark. Thus, the moon is our balance of light and dark, seen and unseen, conscious and unconscious. The phases of the moon further reflect our stages of life from newborn through adolescence to adulthood.

The moon represents female energies including fertility, nutrition, and divination. The moon also has strong ties to sea, ships, and all those associated mysteries.

You could live your life ignoring this information about Monday and have it just be a Monday. However, I suspect this isn't all news to you and the same goes for your audience; They feel this and are aware. It's up to you to interact with them from this perspective.

Colors: Grey, white, silver

Spells: All types of magic are potent on Moon day.

How To Market On Moon Day?

You know that "marketing" has lots of meaning. There are two key elements we can talk about in this series, creating content and posting content. Maybe you don't have anything new to post on Monday and you do internal work instead. Maybe the task or project depends on the phase of the moon on that Monday; It's something that is better done at the start of the month. Here are a few ideas for marketing on a Monday:

  1. Spend the day reviewing your analytics- This is a key step for everyone online of course but since it's reflection day, use the vibe and energy to review all that's been happening on your site. Absorb that information like the moon absorbs the sun's light.
  2. Review your strategies/goals/plans- You have a target your aiming for right? Use this time to see if you're on course. Do you need to adjust a goal or target launch date for a new product?
  3. Reflect on your audience- Who are your new followers? Who has been posting comments or liking your content lately? What can you learn from them? Are their interests shifting?
  4. Reflect on your accounting- Is there any way you could cut costs? Yes! This is marketing too! If you can sell your product for the same price and spend less making it, you'll make more money! Makes sense right? Take some time to review your costs and see what can be reduced or even better, removed.
  5. Review your personas- We talk a lot about personas in the Level 1 course. This is a representation of your ideal customer. Has it changed recently? Are your favorite customers asking for new topics/services/products? Maybe it's time to shift who you're talking to.
  6. Think about fertility. Any new projects waiting to be born? How can you seed and nurture them today?

Talking To Your Audience On Mondays

The 5 suggestions above focus on things you can do internally. What about your audience? What can you post? Well, you can post anything but why not take them on this journey with you? How about you ask them to reflect on their experience with you, with your product, your service? You could remind them to write a review about their experience on Google, Amazon, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Alternatively, you may want to create a reflection meditation for them. Guide them on a journey of appreciation of all they have and all you've contributed.


Moon day is lovely and it gets a bad rap in the corporate world. In my time at 9-5 jobs (more often it was 9 am -11 pm because marketing jobs in NYC are nuts) people complained about Monday just because it was the start of the work-week. My default answer was, "At least Monday is the furthest day from the next Monday." That made people feel a bit better. Some of them just really didn't like their jobs and that was sad.

Monday is a great day to go within and walk that path of light/dark, seen/unseen, conscious/unconscious. Surprises are waiting for you! You may say, "Well, Sunday would be better for this." Stay tuned, we'll cover Sunday too!


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