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Money Magic With Phenix The Rainbow Warrior

money Jul 02, 2021
Phenix Rose is a truly magical creature. She's powerful and productive in so many realms. We spoke with her about money magic and how she's moving people through portals of poverty to auras of abundance. Watch the full interview here:
Here are some notes and tips from our conversation:
  • More people are looking for transformation. It's not about suddenly discovering a pile of money, it's about creating a flow where abundance can coexist.
  • Portal- A gateway to intentional reality. Quantum shifts in money magic that allow for otherworldly stepping through.
  • "Align with the vortex of what is already here."- Abraham
  • "My wallet is bulimic," is a top issue for people. Duality of consistency of flow is a big one too. You're not alone if this is you. Many meditate but don't do anything else other than praying. Working together, her clients transcend the polarities and dualities to create consistency.
  • Set an intention first. "Why do you want to receive this from the universe/collective abundance field?"
  • "What do I charge for my services?" What value can you really own? What are you embodied to hold? Feel into your body to hear the number. Does your body/energy provide relaxation around that number?
  • Biggest lesson- when someone's not coachable, they started attacking. "I didn't listen to my 'no' to them initially and went into the drama triangle." Just say no to someone that's not right.
  • There's a story that spiritworkers should be working for free. There's been resistance to accepting money for work but shamans are the most revered in most cultures. If you're working with the trauma of the world, you may get slapped by the world. You may need some training or time walking through the dark. Be prepared to be reborn. Your job description is to face it and love through it.
  • Say no to make space for your yes!
  • Best money advice you've gotten... Invest in support (coaches, pros, training, etc), and if your messaging is off, your messaging is off. Align to get your messaging in line with who are you called to serve.
  • Nurture your community so they lead to business. You never know how a small interaction could turn into a future sale. "Sacred conversations" are everywhere.
  • "Stick to your zone of brilliance." Farm shit out if you can't do it or hate it, find others who love it. You create time and space to honor them by allowing them to help.


Learn more about Phenix here:

Sign up for her Money Magic Portal here: Money Magic Portal

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