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Mercury Day Marketing

astrology Apr 07, 2021

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Who Was Mercury (Hermes)?

Mercury (Hermes in the Greek pantheon) was the son of Jupiter (Zeus). He was the messenger of the gods, the herald, and he protected all the human messengers as well...that's you! He wore winged sandals and could quickly move across worlds and realms. This includes the afterword, he was a soul guide, a psychopomp who helped souls move into the afterlife. His name comes from the Latin "merx," meaning "merchandise," and is the origin of the words "merchant" and "commerce."

Color: Purple, Yellow, Light Blue

Spells: Travel, Success/Prosperity, Commerce, Communication, Learning


What Does Mercury Represent?

Mercury is a god of fertility and good luck,  a guardian, and well skilled in all forms of trickery.  He looked after all forms of travelers, merchants, and he helped mediate conflict. Mercury also represents meditation and consciousness.
This is a great day to focus and move mindfully after your passionate Mars day. Sometimes Mars day is great for releasing any blocks leaving you space to center and move forward mindfully.

How Do I Market On Wednesday?

Well, travel may not help us but connections are great! This may be the perfect time for infulencer research and outreach. Finding some people on Instagram who may be willing to promote you or blogs that would like a guest post to create more links to your site is essential. We talk a lot about influencer outreach in our Level 1 course but the basic gist is to find people with a bunch of followers and send them an email ask them to post about you. Reference some of their posts and say what you like about their feed and why their audience would be interested in you. Send a DM to tell them you've send them an email too. It can't hurt to repost one of their messages or commenting so they see you already interested in them.
Blogger outreach is similar. A nice message about their content and what you want to write about. This should not be a re-post. Google doesn't like duplicate content online so it means you're going to write something unique. This is a huge boost for them because they'll be happy to get free content.
This is also a good time to do some PR. Start a new campaign to news sources about your recent successes. It could be industry news or similar sites with a bunch of traffic. Take a look at HARO. They will send you requests reporters have about various topics. You can email your answer and can get lots of great leads this way. Another version of PR may be asking podcasts to interview you. Some of these you pay for exposure but others just need guests. Reddit has a feed of people asking for guests that's worth following.
If you want to try ads, this is a good day to start. Even just boosting a post on Facebook can have significant events. Ads (even just on Facebook) could be a course on its own. Boosting is a quick way to do it. Make sure you target your audience well. Figure out who exactly would want to see that post and remember to track the results so you know what worked and you can adjust as you go forward. Test, measure, optimize, repeat. That's the key strategy for all posting, ads, and outreach.
The other great use of Mercury day is resolving conflict. While it may mean you want to deal with any customer issues, it could also mean that you're actively working to prevent conflict. This could mean you look at your site analytics for pages that aren't converting well. If a lot of people are looking at your contact form or a coupon landing page but aren't signing up, maybe you need to adjust the copy or images. Maybe there's an issue with how the page loads (speed or design). All of these stats are available in Google Analytics. You probably get most of your visitors from a cell phone or tablet. Take a look at your site on these devices to ensure everything looks and works as you wish.


Mercury is fluid, fast, flowing, and connecting. It's why hatters went mad, it's how messages were sent across realms, it's a guardian too. Be in flow and make new contacts. Make a pleasant experience for the ones you have. You may want to plan your Mercury day in advance so you can dive right in and start connecting with the world.

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