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Mars Day Marketing

astrology Mar 30, 2021
Today is the day to get stuff done! There's so much to do though! What should we do on Mars day? Let's take a second and learn what Mars represents. Understanding the archetype of this famous god is a great place to start.

Why Was Mars Important?

If you're more a fan of the Greek pantheon, you know Mars as Ares the god of war. If you're an Aries, yes, you're right to make a connection here. The Romans revered Mars as a protector of the city and was considered the father of Romulus and Remus the twins who founded the city. The entire month of March was named for Mars (originally Martius) and March 1st was traditionally the start of the year. Not only were there important festivals dedicated to Mars throughout March, but there were also more in October which featured including war games, and weapon blessings.
Once, Mars was in love with Minerva (the virgin goddess of wisdom and crafts) but was tricked into marrying Anna Perenna (the goddess of New Year and Time) when he asked her for help attracting Minerva. Anna Perenna disguised herself and stole Mars. This event is commemorated as the Ides of March on the 15th of each year to celebrate female guile and revelry.

Colors: Red

Spells: Defense, courage, vitality, passion


What Does Mars Represent?

Yes, Mars was the god of war, but he also represents other forms of passion including aggression, assertion, energy, action, and sex. It's a great day to fight or f..k! Mars gets us out of bed in the morning. Mars gets us out of bed in the morning. Mars governs our adventurousness. Mars also governs our impulsive, rash, impatient, or forceful sides.

What Is Mars Day Marketing?

Mars rules a lot. For many people, these elements of ourselves can be scary or just intense. As I noted though, this is the day to get stuff done. Use that fire to push through all that needs to get done. Today may be a good day for sales. Reach out and try pitching yourself to new blogs to host your articles, ask people for interviews, talk to some influencers, put yourself out there. If you have a new project that you're considering, this may be a good day to take a stab at it.
Mars is a deeply masculine energy and so it's a good time to research new tools, learn new tools, develop a process, etc. Maybe review a new social posting tool or work on your editorial calendar. Anything logical, active (something draining and competitive), or working with those in power.  This could manifest in doing an interview with people as well.
If you someone who owes you something (money, work, time) this may be the day to confront them. Remember, confrontation doesn't have to be conflict but now that conflict is on the table... What have you been fighting within yourself that needs to be addressed? What challenges do you need to tackle? Have you been avoiding blogging or starting a podcast, YouTube page, new website? Fight that today. Win or lose, the process will be beneficial.
On the other side, Mars rules passion and sex (not necessarily conflated with love) so this is a good day to follow your deep desire. What's your root-chakra drive today? What deep movement is calling to you? Tuesday is a great day to deliver email marketing. That is, it's a great day for your following to receive emails from you. You may want to write/schedule an email for next week now. Something with a clear call to action ("buy now," "sign up," etc) so your audience can say, "YES!" to you today.
Knowing this is where you are is only part of the picture. Mars rules your current and ideal customers today. They're ready to start their adventures, to follow their passions, to fight or f..k as well. Give them a chance to say, "yes" to your magic!


Mars is a strong and powerful influence on the world. While he is the god of war, it doesn't mean you have to battle. Connect to the passion and inner fire that could carry you through fights to keep you active, powerful, and on purpose. This is an active day and the perfect follow-up from the reflective Moon day you just had.

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