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Marketing Tips For Each Day Of The Week- Part 1

astrology Mar 11, 2021

What the best day to launch a new blog post? What's the best day to sell your new course? When are good days for client meetings vs planning what's next?

In this series of posts, we'll look at each day of the week and its historical/astrological significance to help put context around what's happening for you and everyone else. As you connect to the subtleties of each day, you'll refine what works best for you and your audience.

How Do The Days Connect To Planets?

The Babylonians are credited with structuring the modern calendar as far back as 500 BCE. They rounded the months to 28 days and split it into 4 weeks of 7 days. They also added some additional days to stay connected to the phases of the moon.

Each day of their week was connected to one of the seven moving bodies they could see in the sky (the moon, Mercury, Venus, the sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). Later, the Romans connected their God's names to the planets and thus the corresponding day of the week. Now we're much closer to the week we use.

The moon crossed the sky the fastest so the Romans (correctly) believed it was the closest to Earth. They developed a pattern of the planets based on which one ruled each hour of the day. The Moon ruled the first hour and thus the first hour of the first day would take its name... Moon Day. The next hour was Saturn then Jupiter, Mars, the sun, Venus, and Mercury. If you plot each planet on each hour of a day, the pattern overlaps into the next day. The planet ruling the first hour of the new day became its name.

What Planets Rule Each Day?

So now, our week looks like this:

Moon Day (Monday), Mars Day (Tuesday), Mercury Day (Wednesday), Jupiter Day (Thursday), Venus Day (Friday), Saturn Day (Saturday).

The days may not sound the same in English but that's a newer language. Tuesday in Spanish for instance is Martes. Feel into these associations for yourself. You may already have a connection to these archetypes. If not, don't worry... We're going to dive deep into each day as we continue this series!

Stay Tuned!


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