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Copywriting Tips From Anna Bellissima at Needle & Hook

blogging Jun 30, 2021
Anna Bellissima is an award-winning copywriter and magician who conjures, creativity, self-expression, and confidence from deep within people. We spent an hour discussing these topics on a live Facebook interview (watch the full video here: where she transmitted a stack of tips and ideas.

Writing Tips From Anna:

• Don’t start from a blank page. Copy and paste Someone who’s a few steps ahead and use their format.
• It doesn’t need to be right the first time, multiple drafts are great. Write a "Burn Copy" first, the one nobody will read. You can fill it with the most outrageous claims and boldest assertions.
• How do you get in the zone to write the burn copy? Connect with planetary energies… Mercury is a good one as it rules communication. Ask for help, ask to be a channel, and ask for clarity.
• Get a buddy to run your copy past. Find someone who’s not as embedded so they can give you an objective view. Bounce your ideas off them to see if the message is clear and easy to absorb.
• Understand your customer personas but pick the best customer or a friend who you know needs your service to test content on. You don't want to speak into a large population. Also, be clear about where they are on their journey between awareness (just learning about you) to purchase (becoming a customer).
• Make content easy to digest. If you raise questions, you should answer them too.
• How to convert readers to customers? We usually don’t know how serious our audiences are about becoming customers. Anticipate objections (price, skepticism, time, etc) and address those points. Send the audience a message that shows you understand where they are. Communicate that you’ve thought through their same thought process and demonstrate what it means for them to invest.
• Ongoing practices: Review Facebook ads, click on what's enticing and check their landing pages, etc. Use the Facebook ad library to review what ads people are using. Invite creativity into your life. If possible, start a daily writing practice. Don’t let your only time to write be when you're under pressure.
• Hyper signaling: Cast your mind forward to a time where everything you’re working towards has been realized (work, personal, etc.). Journal from there. Gratitude for the past us who stuck it out. How did we spend our days and hours? Who’s our team?
• Don’t do it all yourself. Find support (mentors, training, and doing like writing, emails, invoices, etc.)
• About starting your business... Nobody will criticize you for being too much!
You can connect with Anna here:

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