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5 Marketing Tasks You Can Do From Anywhere

Apr 13, 2021
Sometimes we just want to focus on our clients or our product. Sometimes we're drowning in un-sexy tasks like accounting or payroll or navigating government bureaucracy. Sometimes, marketing is the furthest thing from our minds. Other times, we're not sure what to do to help our marketing at any given moment. Here's a list of five things you can do from anywhere, usually with just your phone, that will be a huge help for your marketing.

1- Take Pictures

You'll always want more photos. You can use these for social posts, blog posts, ads, your site, etc. The best way to avoid paying for stock photos is to take your own! This way you're also adding great art into the world and who knows, maybe someone will ask to use your image... that's a great bit of SEO when they link to your site to give you credit.
If you're worried about your photo skills, the best I can tell you is that practice makes progress. Keep at it. It could be anything and it could be out of focus. That could be your art, your style, your vibe. Don't forget, there are tons of filters and ways to tweak stuff before you publish. Have fun with your photos. Selfies, landscapes, closeups, whatever. Keep it up and see what, where, and when you can do with them at the right time.
One last suggestion, keep your photos organized. Make a section on your photo app or hard drive to separate them by type, color, season, vibe, etc. Your photo app may let you tag the images with multiple categories so later you can search for "blue, winter, happy" images. Start organizing early; it's a great gift to your future self!

2- Email Your List

People who give you their email addresses love you and want to hear from you! They are interested and they want to know what you have to say. Consult your editorial calendar (more on that below) for what you should write about and start typing. Even adding rough notes on your phone will be helpful in the long run. You may want to prep an email about a new product, an upcoming sale or partnership, an event (holiday, astrological convergence, etc), or a generic message to say hi, or, you can ask questions of your fans to learn what they like.
Typically we find emails make around $40 for every dollar spent on them. There is a lot that goes into that math but overall, your email list is valuable and should be nurtured. They DO want to hear from you and trust you already. Maybe the thing to do in this random moment is to review your automated emails. Your sales pipelines, your coupon pipelines, your offer flow, etc. Take a look at those emails and see what you may want to improve. Check your stats and analytics on those emails and maybe you'll find you want to adjust them. Perhaps, you'll want to add additional emails in the middle of a pipeline. Instead of three emails, maybe you want to add two more so that you send five total?

3- Comment On Posts

Other people's posts are great for many reasons. If someone is writing about a problem they have and your product or service would be helpful for them, you should comment and mention it. If you want to be more subtle (or think that site wouldn't want you to promote yourself) just share some wisdom and offer them to message you directly if they have questions. Do that a few times and people will know you as the one with the answers.
The other great benefit of this is you can find out who is posting about similar products/services. These may turn into leads for partnerships or guest posts. Maybe they're influencers who could promote you. Just leaving a comment is helpful and at least it can be a more productive version of mindlessly scrolling through social posts.

4- Research Influencers

Similar to the last post, who would be a great influencer for you? Do they post to your ideal customer? Do they talk about things in your niche but aren't direct competition? Do they have 1,000 fans or more? You may want to add them to a list of influencers to reach out to. You can find them via hashtag searching, the Instagram explore tab, or through searching for blog posts on your topic.
The actual outreach process can be a bit involved and it changes based on how influential they are (how many engaged followers they have). This is something we cover in the Marketing for Spiritworkers Level 1 Course and will probably do more blog posts about it in the future. This is a great,  powerful networking and marketing activity.

5- Develop Your Editorial Calendar

As mentioned above,  your editorial calendar is your go-to list of what to say when. You can list which topics you want to cover which days of the year. This is key for holidays and other events set in the calendar (new years, full moons, convergences, holidays, etc) as well as important times of year for your service (quarterly updates, times to do cleanses, changes of season, etc).  Your editorial calendar should be a living document you share with your team. If you have ideas for posts, add them here. If you are checking your analytics, update the calendar with which posts did well. Spend time filling any topic gaps (when was the last time you posted about XYZ?) or just time gaps (make sure you're posting often).


Even trapped with no signal your phone can be used as a marketing tool by taking pictures or writing notes. The more practice you have with capturing your world and ideas, the more you'll see opportunities everywhere. Small flashes of inspiration are around every corner. Explore and document your experience because above anything else, your audience will love consistency and authenticity.

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