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No matter your marketing skill level or experience, take your business to the next level and optimize your efforts.


Tarot, astrology, tantra, herbalists, dakas, yogis, massage therapists, etc.

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Shamans, priestxs, sex/inimacy/relationship coaches, influencers, etc.

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Artists, connectors, creators, designers, developers, instigators, activists, initiators, etc.

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My name is Aaron, and I've been a business and digital marketing strategist for over 12 years. This coursework will help the right people find you and say yes to your magic!


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Our Course is 8 Sessions of Marketing and Business Strategy Gold Designed Just For You

Here's what you get:

What Can You Expect From Our Courses?

This is the best place to start! Perfect for artists, dakas/dakinis, medicine carriers, astrologers, card readers, coaches and more looking to start sharing their magic with the world!

We offer easy explanations, practical tools, and expert advice in a safe, understanding space.

Judgement Free

No -isms here. Positive, accepting, welcoming. All races, orientations, identifications, and professions. Our courses are open to everyone.

Usable Information

Tools, tactics, and strategies that are relevant, achievable, and attainable for all levels (not just key theories). This is the place to start! We can do it together.


Some sessions are fast-paced but it all comes from passion. The vibe is relaxed and the space is friendly. Your questions are important and requested. You are seen!

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In Spiritworkers Central you can enjoy every element of our growing community. Maybe you'll find a potential business partner, maybe you'll find a podcast to be on or a site that will promote you?

Maybe you have marketing questions and together we can assist you.

All are available (with no judgment) in Spiritworkers Central.

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Let's work together through 8 sessions of detailed, insightful, and impactful info you need to start or grow your business.

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Every section is easy to follow and understand. Your progress is tracked so you can come back at any point.

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Spiritworkers Central is our private community for you to ask questions, get feedback, share your projects, and learn!

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"Aaron is a genius. The magic he offers is far beyond marketing for businesses. He offers a non-judgemental space where you are held with patience and searing presence." -CEO

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"He comes from a unique perspective of real business experience and creative design solutions.  Aaron provides value in every conversation and is willing to go the extra mile. Hiring Aaron will surprise you with its return on investment, strategically, humanly, and financially. I highly recommend that you get to experience the pleasure of working with him" -Podcaster/Coach

Yay Us!

"Aaron is amazing to work with. He understands the marketplace and the relevant trends that bring people & businesses together. He does this all with a very understated yet beguiling calm that centers the boat in the face of a storm." -Entrepreneur

So Strong!

"Aaron is an incredibly intelligent executive. His greatest strength, in my opinion, is the ability to translate complicated issues into simple, actionable initiatives." -Coach & Artist


"He can assist any company or individual with creating a strategy for using new media.  From what I have experienced, he is professional, timely, and right on point with his know-how and execution." -Dakini


"Aaron is a rare combination of technical savvy, strategic insight and what it takes to communicate those gifts with patience and understanding to business leaders, owners, business teams, and simply to human beings." -Oracle Card Designer

Now is the time to take your passion into the world!


Let's do it together. This is the patient guidance you have been waiting for. We believe in you and are so excited to have you step up and bring your magic forward!

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